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Just for something different, this month's free battlemap can fit into a dungeon or a "by the sea" D20 adventure.

It is the temple of ancient sea gods. We're not talking Poseidon, something "pre-human", although the structure seems to have been built by human hands. There's almost a "Cthulu" feel to this chamber.

Rather than creating another Xara made map, I decided to use my 3D software to model something cool.

As before, the map is a 4 piece 8 x 10 pdf, that you will need to print, cut and match-up to complete the whole battlemap.

Download the Altar of the Sea Gods Battlemap.

Free Font for this issue is "Kingthings Keltica" true type font.

I've been informed that many of you do not know how to load a font into your PC - I just don't think sometimes!

The font comes as a WinZip compressed file download. This means you need WinZip to open it, (if you don't have it, download and install the free trial version here.)

When you double-click the "zipped file", WinZip opens. Select "extract all", then WinZip will ask you where you want to load the file. You must choose "c:\Windows\Fonts" because this is where all the fonts on your system are located. Don't worry this won't mess up your Windows software.

The next time you open Xara, or any other application where you can choose your fonts, this new loaded font will be one of those available.


Free Map Object this week is... well last month I was late with the free battlemap. This time its the Free Map Object, but don't worry, it will be ready in the next day or two.

I apologize for the delay.

Michael K. Tumey
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