Focus Article - Gamer Printshop has Created a New Productline: Endless Terrain Battlemaps

Never being a patient man, I sought more ways to create revenue streams for Gamer Printshop - I really want to be a success with this!

So I began exploring the forums, searching for problems that I could address. I found one on EnWorld discussing "things they wished could be changed with current battlemaps and flip maps."

Some of the issues included larger sized maps, more generic terrains that could be used in any type of gaming genre. "Face it, castle ruins kind of burns it for Sci-fi gamers and Battletechers."

Discussing it further with Johnn Four of he suggested the possibility of making maps that can match up with other maps in a set. This idea was the spark for Endless Terrain Battlemaps.

The product consists of 4 double-side printed 11 x 17 battlemaps on 80# cover stock and laminated with heavy duty 5 mil film. Each map face, all 8, have a unique terrain layout, so that each map is completely unique. On the edges of each map, certain trees and ground features are designed to line up perfectly with every other map in the set.

This is called "Geomorphic" design which allows you to setup the four maps and change them by rotating any map 180 degrees, or flip one upsidedown and the graphics still line up. This gives you thousands of terrain map combinations.

The first and only design currently available is Heavy Woodland Paths, which feature paths that connect from one map to another, some with dead-ends, several maps feature a hill, a pond or a cave as a possible destination or encounter site.

Endless Terrain Shifting Swamp will be available next week. Its looking really cool!

I pictured the product being used to fill that "trek through the woods" portion of a GMs campaign between the home-base and the main adventuring site - dungeon, ruins, etc. Many are suggesting, however that the maps are ready to have their own game built around them. We shall see about that!

The four map set, is being sold at $19.95 each, plus shipping.

You can order your Endless Terrain Battlemap set here!

Michael K. Tumey

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New Product!

Endless Terrain Battlemaps -
4 double-sided unique terrain maps that no matter how you place them the graphics always line up for endless combos!