Welcome to Issue Two - Gamer Printshop is Getting Noticed in the RPG industry!

Lots of things are happening at Gamer Printshop, and we're only in the second month of operation! More and more sites are discovering the existence of the company, like this one at the home of the "Knights of the Dinner Table" - kenzerco.com

We've done two bulk lamination jobs with very satisfactory results. One of them, Johnn Four of roleplayingtips.com gave this review.

Another review came in for a "Rune cards for Crimsom Empire" print-on-demand job with lamination. Keep the positive reviews coming guys, it will only help our site community grow!

Basically work is coming from all over North America - US, Canada and even one job shipped to Mexico!

Gamer Printshop is now creating GM accessory products in addition to digital printing and laminating. Visit the new products page below.

As a change in format, below are links to other pages in this newsletter, so you can find the content easier:

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Oh this is the guy sitting on the altar in the free battlemap!

Profantasy Campaign Cartographer 3

is the core component of Profantasy's range of map making software...

Xara Xtreme 2.0
Best in industry vector-based graphics application for use in creating custom graphics for your battle maps, dungeon tiles, character sheets, DM screens and much, much more! Create CC3 tools or Dundjinni objects.
You can download this software with 14 day free trial or order for only $89.00

New Product!

Endless Terrain Battlemaps -
4 double-sided unique terrain maps that no matter how you place them the graphics always line up for endless combos!