Gamer Printshop is the Exclusive Printer / Distributor for 12 to Midnight Games!

12 to Midnight Games, LLC, is a Sugarland, Texas, based RPG Publisher of a D20 Modern Horror campaign setting - kind of a cross between Call of Cthulu and the X-Files.

Players are members of a paranormal investigative team probing the many strange goings-on in the ficticious East Texas town of Pine Box, set in the present day.

12 to Midnight Games offer both modules and downloadable PDF B/W floor plans of the modern structures set in Pine Box, Texas.

Preston DuBose, President of 12 to Midnight Games contacted Gamer Printshop with the hopes of providing large format printing and laminating for all their PDF products. After only a few weeks, a contract was agreed upon and signed by both parties.

Within the next few weeks there will be a "12 to Midnight Games" store at Gamer Printshop offering exclusive printing and distribution rights with their Modern Floorplans line of PDF products. 12 to Midnight Games will also be creating their own store for selling our print and lamination services.

Gamer Printshop is currently in negotiations with two other RPG publishers for similar arrangements.

In the beginning of Gamer Printshop (just 2 months ago) I perceived my primary customer base were individual game masters with their needs for maps and accessories. I never imagined, I would be contacted by RPG publishers - but its been that way since the beginning.

I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you are an RPG publisher, please contact me, I would be proud to be your product on-demand printer and distributor. I want to sell your product and I want you to get paid upfront.

Michael K. Tumey
President of
Gamer Printshop
Editor/Publisher of Gamer Resource
June 4, 2007

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