Welcome to the First Edition of the
Gamer Resource Newsletter!

Welcome to the first edition of the Gamer Resource Newsletter. For the time being this is a monthly publication which allows me time to offer quality content and still manage a busy printshop at the same time. Hopefully the newsletter will be delivered every two weeks once things get going - lets just take things step by step for now.

Despite being an RPG gamer for almost 30 years now, I don't see myself as an expert game master, though I certainly have an opinion or two. There are already many excellent role-playing tips sources out there that cover the topic far better than I could (www.roleplayingtips.com for example.) So I decided this newsletter should go a different direction.

The purpose of the Gamer Resource Newsletter is to provide the creative game master tips, ideas and directions for making better maps and gaming accessories.

You see, my expertise lies in using various graphics applications for use in creating everything from maps, floorplans, heraldric symbols, websites, 3D scenes and much more. The techniques I use in my professional life, I apply in creative ways for my own game mastering and so can you.

From time to time, I'll apply these techniques in one or other of the major fantasy map-making applications, though we will be relying on other graphics applications that are both affordable and easy to use - for things like post mapping graphics alteration and more.

One more apology, I don't have the battlemaps free or my first set ready for publication. I promise to get them out within the next 2 weeks. I'll send you an Email when they're ready. Hopefully we'll be on schedule next month - thanks.

You can expect a tutorial-based format for much of the newsletter.

Finally, I want to apologize to those who signed up for this "monthly" newsletter more than 30 days ago. Its really only been about a month from the conception of the Gamer Printshop website and this newsletter - alot has happened in a very short time.

Without further ado, thanks for signing up to the Gamer Resource Newsletter. I hope its worthwhile to you!

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Michael K. Tumey
Gamer Resource Newsletter

PS: What a time to first enter the commercial RPG industry, just as Paizo Publishing announces the end of Dragon and Dungeon magazines in September. I hope its a good time to get into the business! What are your thoughts on this?

Send me your opinion - michael@gamer-printshop.com

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