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Gamer Printshop is not just a game master and RPG publisher service provider - we create custom RPG GM accessory products.

Our goal is to create generic products that can be used with any RPG game setting and not to a specific campaign world or system.

Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting for Pathfinder RPG

The Gift - what begins as a simple escort of a gift to a powerful lord in a foreign land leads to a series of uncanny events that risk more than the lives of a party of adventurers, rather the fate of their eternal souls. Deceit, vengeance and dark revelations follow the party as they explore a dark fantasy world called Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting. Kaidan is a breathtaking empire of samurai, ninja and undead lords rich in legend, culture and nightmares.

The Gift is a mini-campaign arc and an introduction to Kaidan, a dark fantasy setting of oriental myth and gothic horror. It is a world sure to make the bravest adventurers blood run cold.

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Endless Terrain Battlemaps are our first venture in the GM accessory product market. This is a four map set of double-sided printed 11 x 17 battlemaps with a unique terrain on every map face - so no two are the same. Featuring "geomorphic" edges, where graphics lineup from one map to the next.

You place the four maps on your table - 2 rows of 2 maps. The graphics on the edge match perfectly with the next map. Now rotate any map 180 degrees or flip it upside down, your terrain map has changed, yet the terrains still match perfectly.

Endless Terrain Battlemaps were created to provide GMs with a tool to "fill in that wilderness area" between the players home-base and the destination encounter created by the GM. Why create a path through the forest between the two. Instead pull out your Endless Terrain maps and create a custom path as you need it!

Gamer Printshop is currently researching the use of "cling stick" media as a "tile" to imprint map objects, monsters and encounter locations that will adhere to laminated maps and acrylic sheets that GMs are using for their map surface. "Static Cling" sticks to the map, but can be easily removed and relocated!

More custom Gamer Printshop products coming soon!

endless terrain battlemap set
Endless Terrain Battlemaps

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