The One Page Dungeon Contest 2010 calls for a single page dungeon map, on one side that includes map and a key listing all major locations, name of map, cartographer of map, link to the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, and a link to additional materials such as random monster charts, etc. This website comprises the last part of that.

Though the contest does not require it, I decided to enhance the allowed additional materials in the form of a small dungeon adventure. I chose to use Pathfinder RPG ruleset and Bestiary for the mechanics of this adventure, as that is the ruleset I know best.

My map entry is called the Necromancer's Crypt. The map on the top right is the one created for this contest. It is the unhallowed crypt and inner sanctum for a priestly lich, named Lhessadrak the Undying Pontiff.

The map below the entry map was created a couple years earlier for a different project in which I first introduced the Lich, Lhessadrak, although not part of the map entry - for this errata page, I've decided to use that map to represent the structure overhead of the Necromancer's Crypt entry map.

Because the entry map is divided into labeled sections the adventure using the map is broken into each section.

Although a random monster chart is provided, this adventure features specific monsters, NPCs and treasure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me with an Email to: support (at) gamer-printshop (dot) com

I hope you enjoy my effort - I had fun creating it!

About the Cartographer

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Link to the One Page Dungeon Contest Rules