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Maps for modern rpg settings
Modern RPG Settings require maps and floorplans - whether its HeroclixTM, ShadowRunTM, Cyberpunk, Modern Horror, Military, Espionage games or any other modern setting, these maps will keep your players interests up!

Gamer Printshop is introducing printed products created by other RPG publishers.

The following maps are brought to you by 12 to Midnight GamesTM in the Modern FloorplansTM productline. Featuring B/W 36 x 44 prints, several maps are printed 24 x 36 and 18 x 24, all are then laminated in 5 mil film for heavy gaming use.

The Modern FloorplansTM line feature - 10 locations common in every sized community, including:

  • Typical Church, 36 x 48 B/W laminated print, this floorplan has been nominated for a 2007 ENnie Award!
  • Neighborhood Pharmacy, 24 x 36 B/W laminated print
  • Office Hi-Rise: 3, 24 x 36 B/W laminated prints
  • Strip Mall Office: 2, 24 x 36 B/W laminated prints
  • Two story Warehouse: 2, 24 x 36 B/W laminated prints
  • Goin' Out Bundle features - Niteclub, CyberCafe, Diner: for
    3, 24 x 36 laminated prints (available as individual maps)

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Modern FloorplansTM line of typical locations in any sized community,

Modern Floorplans - maps for D20 modern gaming

Including the "All Saints Church" which has been nominated for a 2007 ENnie award

12 to Midnights Games - one of your POD clients is a division of 2me Studio, Inc., Ottawa, Illinois USA 61350
Created by Michael K. Tumey, Copyright 2007