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All right Game Masters its time to dig out all those RPG printed maps from all your existing box edition sets and finally get them laminated.

Gamer Printshop offers low cost, heavy duty map lamination - ready to use your highlighter pens, dry erase or grease pencils over and over again. We use 5 mil lamination on both sides of 2-sided prints, and 5 mil on top with 3 mil on bottom for single-sided prints.

Transparent protective film to give your RPG gaming maps an extended life, especially those used to heavy gaming use and abuse! Lamination protects your maps from soda spills and more!

It seems that more and more box edition maps are being printed on thinner and cheaper paper to keep costs down. This means shorter lifespans. You need to laminate all your gaming maps.

Gamer Printshop uses a 36 inch wide format laminator, so we charge $ .15 per linear inch. This means it costs you 15 cents for a 1 inch by 36 inch wide area of lamination (the film is 36" wide.)

To make it easier to understand, see the following prices as a guide for what it will cost you to laminate your gaming maps:

  • Letter size costs $ .50 per sheet
  • Tabloid 11 x 17 costs $1.00 per sheet
  • 18 x 24 inches costs $4.50 per sheet
  • 24 x 36 inches costs $9.00 per sheet

Email us the total dimensions of all your maps you need laminating and we'll reply with a quote within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays.) Once you prepay the quoted price by phone, you simply mail your maps to us:

Gamer Printshop
c/o 2me Studio, Inc.
1532 E US Hwy 6
Ottawa, IL 61350

We will print them and ship them back to you in mailing tubes.

You won't find the quality of our lamination at the prices we offer you, for your satisfaction.

Ask for a Map Lamination Quote?

easy to cleanup using heavy duty 5 mil lamination film on your maps

prevent accidents like coca-cola spills on your  gaming maps

Don't let this happen to your printed maps without proper lamination to protect them!

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by Johnn Four of

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