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Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story Campaign Setting

Kaidan is a Japanese ghost story RPG campaign setting. Elements of Japanese history, legends, folklore and a rich ghost and horror story telling tradition is combined with "chanbara" styled martial arts, sword-wielding combat and eastern styled spell casting powers. Kaidan is a new perspective on oriental settings with a distinctly gothic horror feel.

Borrowing from Buddhist thought, the souls of Kaidan are bound to an eternal cycle of reincarnations on a planar construct known as the Wheel of Life. Escaping the damnation of the wheel without corrupting your soul and finding the true path to "enlightenment" is the final goal for players in this setting. Death is not an escape, it is only the beginning...

Ongoing adventures in roleplaying, combat and intrigue against the Empire, local rulers and a large beastiary of ghosts, demons, monsters and shape-changers makes Kaidan uniquely entertaining for endless gaming sessions.

Learn of Kaidan, this dark fantasy setting:

[Note maps are currently be created and that section of the site and game is not ready for viewing at this time.]

Shogun Taira no Kiyomori the military ruler of the Empire