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Large Format Full Color Printing for Game Masters of Campaign World Maps, City/Village Maps, Floorplans of Castles, Dungeons, Catacombs, Cavern Systems, Inns, Starships and Starports - and much more!

Maps are printed onto photograde satin gloss media, full color printing at 600 dpi in sizes from 18 inches x 24 inches, up to 36 inches x 48 inches.

All map printing can be laminated with 5 mil film for protection, and can be mounted onto 3/16" foamboard for permanent display.

We can print all of Profantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer series of files, as well as Digital Alchemy's Cartographer and many others too and retain all their full color printing capability.!

There is no better source for full color printing than Gamer Printshop/

18 inches x 24 inches (C size) Full Color Printing:

18x24 print
for $15.00

18x24 print,
for $19.50

18x24 print, mounted/laminated
for $26.25

24 inches x 36 inches (D size) Full Color Printing:

24x36 print
for $30.00

24x36 print,
for $36.00

24x36 print, mounted/laminated
for $43.50

36 inches x 48 inches (E size) Full Color Printing:

36x48 print
for $60.00

36x48 print,
for $72.00

36x48 print, mounted/laminated
for $99.00

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B/W Map Printing

up to 36 x 48 inches
B/W Laser 400 dpi
 is a division of 2me Studio, Inc., Ottawa, Illinois USA 61350
Created by Michael K. Tumey, Copyright 2007