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An RPG map printing service and more for game masters and RPG publishers. Gamer Printshop specializes in creating, printing, laminating custom gaming accessories: maps, battlemaps, cards, tiles, dioramas

We print the maps you download from companies like EnWorld - World of the Burning Skies campaign saga and 12 to Midnight Games with permission from the publishers.

If you are an RPG Publisher please contact us to grant permission to print your products.

Great Laminating Campaign: send us all your gaming maps so we can give your maps a permanent gaming life.

Dig up all your battlemaps, box edition maps, WotC, D20, old TSR, even your own hand-drawn masterpieces and mail them to us - we'll be laminating and shipping them back to you unfolded in a mailing tube. The solution every game master requires!

Don't let this happen to your unlaminated map!

Service List
Large Format Color Map Printing
Large Format B/W Map Printing
Battlemap Printing to Cardstock
Downloaded PDF Map Printing
Large Format Lamination
Mounting Maps to Foamboard
RPG Publisher Services

Product List
Endless Terrain Battlemap Sets

Gamer Resource Archives
Gamer Resource Issue One
Gamer Resource Issue Two

File Formats
Dundjinni BMP Map Exports
Profantasy CC2/CC3, or BMP
Heavy Metal Map - BMP exports
Dungeoncrafter 3 - BMP/JPG
Acrobat PDF, Adobe PSD/AI/EPS
AutoCAD PLT or PDF only
Xara Xtreme 2.0/Pro XAR

New Product

4 Map set, 11 x 17 battlemaps printed both sides, each a unique design with matching edges!

Coming Soon!
The Best Kept Secret in
RPG Map Making!
by Michael K. Tumey is a division of 2me Studio, Inc., Ottawa, Illinois USA 61350
Created by Michael K. Tumey, Copyright 2007