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Endless Terrain Battlemaps
Gamer Printshop is introducing a brand new product...

Endless Terrain Battlemaps

Endless Terrain Battlemaps are a set of 4 each, 11 x 17 maps printed to both sides. Each map will have a unique terrain design, so both sides of the 4 maps are 8 completely different designs.

Each map is laminated with heavy duty 5 mil lamination film so you can mark it up with grease pencil and highlighter - easy cleanup!

What makes Endless Terrain Battlemaps "endless" is a feature we call "Edge-Matching" capability, also described as "geomorphs" No matter how you place your 4 maps, the graphics on the edge of any map will match the graphics on any map placed beside it.

You won't have any "half tree" graphics in the middle of your map.

This means that you'll have literally thousands of possible combinations of terrain layout with just these four maps.

Each set of Endless Terrain Battlemaps will come as a theme, with the first one being "heavy woodlands", you can expect many more to come!

In fact, the first three - heavy woodlands, light woodlands and swamp will feature the same "Edge Matching" so you can interchange between these three sets for exponentially more map combinations! You can expect more Endless Terrain Battle maps to come in the months ahead!

Below is a direct link to make your purchase, different Endless Terrain battlemap themes you must select from the dropdown menu next to it.

Woodland Path - Endless Terrain Battlemap sample

Woodland Path Endless Terrain Battlemap

Heavy Woods - Endless Terrain Battlemap sample

Heavy Woods Endless Terrain Battlemap

Swamp - Endless Terrain Battlemap sample

Swamp Endless Terrain Battlemap

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