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About Gamer Printshop - the company and founder
Gamer Printshop
1532 E US Hwy 6
Ottawa, IL 61350

Gamer Printshop is a division of 2me Studio, Inc.

Founded in March 2007, Gamer Printshop is a complete digital map printing and finishing service for RPG game masters.

2me Studio, Inc. is a family owned custom graphics, quick printing, signs and web development company located in Ottawa, Illinois, USA. Founded by Michael Tumey.

Michael K. Tumey is a 44 year old graphic designer, business manager, who has been playing RPGs since 1977.

Gamer Printshop is a way to get Michael's two favorite things together - digital graphics and role playing games!

Ned the Gnome - our staff cartographer is a division of 2me Studio, Inc., Ottawa, Illinois USA 61350
Created by Michael K. Tumey, Copyright 2007